Panel Discussion

Hip Arthroscopy

Playlist Items:
Femoracetabular Impingement - Understanding and Arthroscopic Approach, Thomas G. Sampson
Labral Tears, Carlos Guanche
Snapping Hip Syndomes - Indications & Treatment, Victor Ilizaliturri
Pincer Treatment and Labral Refixation, Steadman Clinic
Panel Discussion at VuMedi Hip Arthroscopy Webinar, Panel Discussion
  • 03/2013
  • 1

Advanced Shoulder Arthroscopy

Playlist Items:
Arthroscopic Latarjet - My Personal Experience, Gary Gartsman
The Crimson Duvet - Theory to Science to Results, SCOI eChat
Arthroscopic AC Joint Reconstruction using Tibialis Allograft, Peter J. Millett
Arthroscopic Suprascapular Nerve Decompression - Techniques, Tips, and Tricks, The Shoulder Center At Baylor
Panel Discussion at VuMedi Shoulder Arthroscopy Webinar, Gary Gartsman
  • 03/2013

Innovations in ACL Reconstruction

Playlist Items:
What's More Important in ACL Surgery: The Number of Tunnels or Overall Technique, Stephen Howell
Anatomic Single Bundle ACL Reconstruction using an Anteromedial Portal, john Richmond
  • 03/2013

Euro Shoulder Webinar

Playlist Items:
Massive Rotator Cuff Tears - Should you Repair?, Christian Gerber
Arthroscopic Latarjet - Indications, Technique, Results, Alps Institute
Latarjet - History, Indications, Results, & Technical Tips, Gilles WALCH
Panel Discussion at VuMedi Euro Shoulder Webinar, Alessandro Castagna
  • 03/2013

How I Do a Total Knee Replacement

Playlist Items:
Primary TKA Via the Gap Balancing Technique, 3bortho
Alignment and Balancing for Varus and Valgus Knees, Leo Whiteside
Low Mid-Vastus Approach for Primary TKA, Tad Vail
Panel Discussion at VuMedi Webinar: How I do a Total Knee Replacement, Merrill A Ritter
  • 03/2013

Rotator Cuff Repair

Playlist Items:
Lat Transfers - How I Do It, Rothman Institute
The Case for Double Row Rotator Cuff Repair, Gary Gartsman
The Case for Arthroscopic Single Row Rotator Cuff Repair, Stephen Snyder
Single VS Double Row Debate - Discussion from VuMedi Rotator Cuff Webinar, Panel Discussion
Panel Discussion at VuMedi Webinar on Rotator Cuff Repair, Wayne Z. Burkhead
  • 03/2013

PCL Reconstruction

Playlist Items:
Current Controversies in PCL Reconstruction, Don Johnson
Posterior Tibial Inlay PCL Reconstruction, David McAllister
PCL Reconstruction with Double Bundle Achilles Techniques, David McGuire
Complications in PCL Surgery, Greg Fanelli
Discussion at VuMedi Webinar on PCL Reconstruction, Greg Fanelli
  • 03/2013

Hip Resurfacing

Playlist Items:
Hip Resurfacing - Indications, Patient Selection, Technical Tips & Clinical Results, Tom Schmalzried
12 Techniques for Hip Resurfacing, Michael Mont
Cementless Hip Surface Replacement, Thomas Gross
Avoiding Complications in Hip Resurfacing, Craig J Della Valle
Discussion at VuMedi Hip Resurfacing Webinar, Bernard Stulberg
  • 03/2013

Shoulder Arthritis in Young Patients

Playlist Items:
Total Shoulder Arthroplasty in Young Patients, Evan Flatow
Arthroscopic Resurfacing in the Degenerative Shoulder, Buddy Savoie
Biological Glenoid Resurfacing with Hemiarthroplasty, The Carrell Clinic Shoulder Service
Biological Resurfacing of the Glenoid - Does it Really Work, Boston Shoulder Institute
  • 03/2013

Partial Knee Replacements

Playlist Items:
Uni-Compartmental Knee Arthritis, Aaron Rosenberg
Mobile Bearing Unicompartmental Arthroplasty, Michael Berend
Bi-Compartmental Knee Arthroplasty, Jerry Engh
Patellofemoral Arthroplasty - State of the Art 2009, Wayne Leadbetter
Discussion at VuMedi Webinar on Partial Knee Arthroplasty, Tom Sculco
  • 03/2013

Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty

Playlist Items:
Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty - Introduction and History, NYU Hospitals for Joint Diseases
Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty for Massive Cuff Tears without OA, Mark Frankle
Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty for Acute Proximal Humerus Fracture, The Shoulder Center At Baylor
Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty for Revision Problems, Greg Nicholson
Complications of Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty (and How to Avoid Them), David M. Dines
Debate on Implant Design for Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty, NYU Hospitals for Joint Diseases
Discussion at VuMedi Webinar on Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty, NYU Hospitals for Joint Diseases
  • 03/2013

Femoroacetabular Impingement

Playlist Items:
FAI: Basic Science Considerations, Philip Noble
Arthroscopic Treatment of FAI: Cam & Pincer Impingement, Thomas G. Sampson
New Concepts in FAI: The Mini-Open Approach, Rothman Institute
FAI Treatment with Surgical Dislocation, Chris Peters
  • 03/2013

Advanced Shoulder Instability

Playlist Items:
Arthroscopic Treatment of Posterior Instability, Russell F. Warren
Arthroscopic Revision Bankart Repair, Jeffrey S. Abrams
Management of Glenoid Bone Defects in Shoulder Instability, Peter J. Millett
  • 03/2013

Controversies in Bearing Surfaces

Playlist Items:
Highly Crosslinked Polyethylene in THA, Chitranjan S. Ranawat
  • 03/2013

DVT Prophylaxis

Playlist Items:
Current Controversies in DVT, Fred D Cushner
AAOS Guidelines for DVT Prophylaxis, Jay Lieberman
  • 03/2013

Knee Dislocations

Playlist Items:
High Energy Knee Dislocations - Controversies and Evaluation, Bruce Levy
Knee Dislocations: PCL ACL Reconstruction, Greg Fanelli
Knee Dislocations: ACL, PCL, & Medial Side, Michael J Stuart
Reconstruction of the Posterolateral Corner of the Knee, James P Stannard
Knee Dislocations: Complications, Peter B. MacDonald
Knee Dislocation Webinar Discussion, Greg Fanelli
  • 03/2013

Medical Device Development

Playlist Items:
Is it a "Product" or is it a "Company"...?, John J Savarese
Medical Device Development: Work with Industry or Do it Yourself?, Jerry Engh
Building Relationships with Industry, Michael Mcbreen
Medical Device Development Webinar Discussion, Stephen Howell
  • 03/2013

Distal Humerus Fractures

Playlist Items:
Current Issues with Distal Humerus Fractures, Jesse B. Jupiter
Surgical Exposures for Distal Humerus Fractures, Rothman Institute
Fixation Options and Techniques for Distal Humerus Fractures, Scott Steinmann
Total Elbow Arthroplasty For Distal Humerus Fractures, Graham J W King
ARIF of Distal Humerus Fractures, Michael Hausman
Distal Humerus Fractures Webinar Discussion, Jesse B. Jupiter
  • 03/2013

How I Do a 'Cuff Repair

Playlist Items:
Arthroscopic Subscapularis Repair Webinar Presentation, Evan Flatow
Partial Tears of the Rotator Cuff, Russell F. Warren
How I Do a Subscap Repair - Webinar Presentation, Boston Shoulder Institute
  • 03/2013

How I Do A Total Hip Replacement

Playlist Items:
Anterior Approach THA Facilitated by the Orthopedic Table, Joel Matta
LIS Anterolateral THA, Rothman Institute
Understanding Cup Placement and the Need for Navigation, Lawrence D. Dorr
  • 03/2013

Distal Radius Fractures

Playlist Items:
Volar Plating for Distal Radius Fractures, Randy Bindra
IntraFocal Pinning for Distal Radius Fractures, Thomas Trumble
The Essex-Lopresti Injury: Longitudinal Radio-Ulnar Dissocation, Philadelphia Hand Center
Arthroscopy for Distal Radius Fractures, Will Geissler
Distal Radius Fractures Webinar Discussion, David Slutsky
  • 03/2013


Playlist Items:
Basic Biological Aspects of PRP, Scott Rodeo
Treatment of Tendinopathy using Platelet Rich Plasma, Allan Mishra
PRP for DJD/Osteoarthritis, Brian Cole
My Clinical Experience with ACP, James P Bradley
PRP Webinar Discussion, Steven P Arnoczky
  • 03/2013

Infection of TKA

Playlist Items:
Prevention of Infection, Javad Parvizi
The Infected Total Knee Arthroplasty: Diagnosis, Craig J Della Valle
A Treatment Algorithm for Infected TKA, John Cuckler
Antibiotic Cement Spacers for Treatment of Infected TKA, Kevin Bozic
Treatment of Infected TKA using Antibiotic Infusion, Leo Whiteside
Infection of TKA Webinar Discussion, John Cuckler
  • 03/2013

Orthobiologics & Bone Filling

Playlist Items:
Basic Science Overview of Available Graft Alternatives, Tracy Watson
Caclium Based Ceramic Bone Substitutes, Thomas A (Toney) Russell
Role of BMP-2 in Bone Grafting, Alan L Jones
New Options for Autograft Bone Harvest, James P Stannard
Adjuvent Therapies in Orthobiologics & Bone Filling, William Delong
  • 03/2013

Hip Arthroscopy 2010

Playlist Items:
Getting Started in Hip Arthroscopy, Thomas G. Sampson
Top 5 Techniques for Impingement, Allston J. Stubbs
Treatment of Articular Cartilage Damage in the Hip, Marc Safran
Management of Labral Cartilage, Allston J. Stubbs
Hip Arthroscopy: Treatment of Synovial Chondromatosis, Joseph C McCarthy
Hip Arthroscopy 2010 Webinar Discussion, Thomas G. Sampson
  • 03/2013

Cervical Disc Arthroplasty

Playlist Items:
Fusion vs. Disc Arthroplasty in the Cervical Spine, Todd Albert
Biomechanics of Cervical Disc Arthroplasty, Paul Anderson
Cervical Disc Arthroplasty Technique, Rick Delamarter
Avoiding Complications in Cervical Disc Arthroplasty, Dan Riew
Clinical Results for Cervical Disc Arthroplasty, Jack Zigler
Future Indications for Cervical Disc Arthroplasty, Frank Phillips
  • 03/2013

Anterior THA

Playlist Items:
Direct Anterior Approach for THA Using Orthopedic Table, Joel Matta
Direct Anterior Approach for THA Using Regular Table, Bill Hozack
Anterior Supine Intermuscular THA: Efficiency in the OR, Keith Berend
Direct Anterior Approach for Hip Arthroplasty, John Keggi
Avoiding Complications in Direct Anterior THA, Dash Academy
Anterior THA Webinar Discussion, Keith Berend
  • 03/2013

Scaphoid Fractures

Playlist Items:
Mini-Open Scaphoid Fixation: The Art and Science, Randy Bindra
Scaphoid Non Union: Treatment with Volar Wedge Grafts, Matthew Tomaino
Arthroscopic Assisted Fixation and Percutaneous Grafting of Scaphoid Nonunions, Will Geissler
Vascularized Grafts for Scaphoid Nonunion, David Slutsky
Scaphoid Fractures in the Elite Athlete, Philadelphia Hand Center
Scaphoid Fractures Webinar Discussion, David Slutsky
  • 03/2013

Shoulder Arthroplasty

Playlist Items:
Shoulder Arthroplasty Options and Decision Making, The Carrell Clinic Shoulder Service
Surface Replacement Via A Subscapularis Window, Buddy Savoie
Glenoid Exposure in Total Shoulder Arthroplasty, Louis Bigliani
Managing Bone Loss in Total Shoulder Arthroplasty, David M. Dines
Avoiding Complications in Shoulder Arthroplasty, NYU Hospitals for Joint Diseases
Shoulder Arthroplasty Webinar Discussion, NYU Hospitals for Joint Diseases
  • 03/2013

SCFE & Perthes

Playlist Items:
SCFE: Natural History and Injury Patterns, Ernest Sink
Modified Dunn Procedure for SCFE, Young-jo Kim
Intertrochanteric Osteotomy and Related Procedures to Elminate FAI in SCFE, Michael Millis
Painful Skeletally Mature Perthes Disease: Anatomic Considerations, David Podeszwa
Treatment Options and Results of Hip Preservation for Perthes, Dan Sucato
Case Presentation from SCFE & Perthes Webinar, Ernest Sink
SCFE & Perthes Webinar Discussion, Ernest Sink
  • 03/2013

Shoulder Injuries in Throwers

Playlist Items:
Biomechanics, Pathophysiology and Decision Making of the Throwing Shoulder, James R Andrews
SLAP Lesions: Is it All About the Biceps?, Neal S ElAttrache
Midcapsular Tears in Overhead Throwing Athletes, Hospital for Special Surgery
How I Handle Partial-thickness Rotator Cuff Tears in Throwers, John Evert Conway
  • 03/2013

Current Controversies in Metal on Metal Arthroplasty

Playlist Items:
Patterns of Failure in Metal on Metal Hip Arthroplasty, Mayo Clinic
Diagnosing the Patient with MoM Hypersensitivity, Joshua J Jacobs
Treatment Algorithm For Patients with Hypersensitivity, Adolph V. Lombardi
My Current Indications for MoM Arthroplasty, Tom Schmalzried
Current Controversies in Metal on Metal Arthroplasty Webinar Discussion, Tom Thornhill
  • 03/2013

Foot & Ankle Arthroscopy

Playlist Items:
OCD Lesions of the Talus: The Lessons of Microfracture, OrthopedicFootAnkleCenter
Cartilage Transplantation in the Ankle, Rick Ferkel
Emergining Technologies for Talus OCD, Eric Giza
Foot & Ankle Arthroscopy Webinar Discussion, Rick Ferkel
  • 03/2013

Deformed Knees

Playlist Items:
Landmarks and Ligaments in TKA, Leo Whiteside
Balancing the Varus TKA, Douglas Dennis
Correction of Valgus Deformity, Robert E. Booth
Deformed Knees Webinar Discussion, Leo Whiteside
  • 03/2013
  • 1

International: Bone Loss in Instability

Playlist Items:
Evaluation of Bone Loss in the Glenoid & Humeral Head, philippe hardy
Arthroscopic Bony Bankart Repair: Indications, Technique, & Results, ItalianSocietyofArthroscopy
The J Bone Graft Operation Technique, Alexander Auffarth
Congruent Arc Latarjet: Indications, Technique, Rehab & Results, Joe de Beer
International Bone Loss in Instability Webinar Discussion, Jaap Willems
  • 03/2013

Osteotomies in Adult Deformity

Playlist Items:
Osteotomies in Adult Deformity: Indications and Pre-Op Planning, Frank Schwab
Pedicle Subtraction Osteotomy: Technique, Results, & Complications, Sigurd Berven
Combined Anterior/Posterior Osteotomy for Rigid Adult Spinal Deformity, Oheneba Boachie-Adjei
Posterior VCR for Severe Adult Spinal Deformity, Lawrence Lenke
Osteotomies in Adult Deformity Webinar Discussion, Frank Schwab
  • 03/2013

How I Do a Primary TKA

Playlist Items:
Pearls for the Perfect Primary TKA, Kelly Vince
How I Do a Navigated TKA, David Stulberg
Tourniquetless TKR with Extra-Medullary Guides, John Keggi
Pain Management in Primary TKA, Chitranjan S. Ranawat
How I Do a Primary TKA - Webinar Discussion, Aaron Rosenberg
  • 03/2013

Anatomic ACL Reconstruction

Playlist Items:
Quad Tendon Graft for ACL Reconstruction, Walter Shelton
Does "No Difference" Mean There Is No Difference?, Freddie Fu
  • 03/2013

Treatment of Thumb Arthritis

Playlist Items:
Biologic Spacer in Thumb CMC Osteoarthritis, Philadelphia Hand Center
PyroCarbon Hemisphere and Saddle Arthroplasties for the Thumb CMC Joint, Neil Jones
Tendon Interposition Arthroplasty with Dynamic Stabilization Tendon Transfer for CMC Arthritis, Melvin Rosenwasser
Arthroscopic Interposition Arthroplasty of the Thumb, Scott Steinmann
Arthroscopic Distal Scaphoid Resection, David Slutsky
Treatment of Thumb Arthritis Webinar Discussion, David Slutsky
  • 03/2013

Shoulder Instability (Spanish)

Playlist Items:
Should You Repair First Time Dislocators (Spanish), LatinAmericanShoulderElbow SocietySLAHOC
Advanced Arthroscopic Techniques for MDI (Spanish), LatinAmericanShoulderElbow SocietySLAHOC
Shoulder Instability (Spanish) Webinar Discussion, LatinAmericanShoulderElbow SocietySLAHOC
  • 03/2013

Advanced Cartilage Management

Playlist Items:
Allograft Meniscus Transplantation & Cartilage Restoration, Brian Cole
AMZ with Cartilage Restoration, Jack Farr
Patellofemoral Realignment in PF Joint Preservation, John Fulkerson
HTO and Cartilage Restoration, Andreas Gomoll
Fresh Osteochondral Allografts for Management of Osteochondral Defects of the Patella, Anthony Schepsis
Advanced Cartilage Management Webinar Discussion, Anthony Schepsis
  • 03/2013

The Rothman Institute Presents: Optimizing Your Orthopedic Practice

Playlist Items:
The Team Approach to Total Joint Replacement: Efficiency, Productivity & Quality, Rothman Institute
Optimizing Time Management in a Orthopedic Practice, Rothman Institute
Integrating Research into the Operating Room and Practice, Rothman Institute
Creating a Center of Excellence, Rothman Institute
Planning Orthopedics for the Next Decade, Rothman Institute
  • 03/2013
  • 1

Acetabular Cup Positioning

Playlist Items:
Proper Reaming and Cup Positioning in Primary Total Hip Replacement, Hospital for Special Surgery
Cup Positing in THA: What You Can Learn from Navigation, Lawrence D. Dorr
Acetabular Cup Positioning Webinar Discussion, Tom Schmalzried
  • 03/2013


Playlist Items:
Correction Strategies in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis, Peter Newton
Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Overview (Pre, peri, and post-operative), George Thompson
Navigation and Image Guidance for Pediatric Spinal Deformity, John Flynn
AIS Webinar Discussion, Peter Newton
  • 03/2013

Proximal Humerus Fractures

Playlist Items:
Humeral-Head Replacement for Four-Part Fractures, Columbia University
Proximal Humerus Fractures: How to Treat with Reverse Arthroplasty and Why Bother?, Mark Frankle
Proximal Humerus ORIF: Exposure and Reduction Techniques, Michael J Gardner
Avoiding Complications for Locked Plating for Proximal Humerus Fractures, NYU Hospitals for Joint Diseases
Proximal Humerus Fractures Webinar Discussion, Evan Flatow
  • 03/2013
  • 1

Hip Arthroscopy Series: Getting Started in Hip Arthroscopy

Playlist Items:
OR Setup in Hip Arthroscopy, Allston J. Stubbs
Getting Started in Hip Arthroscopy Webinar Discussion, Thomas G. Sampson
  • 03/2013

Advanced Hip Arthroscopy

Playlist Items:
Hip Arthroscopy After Arthroplasty, Joseph C McCarthy
FAI Concepts and Technique, Christopher Larson
Arthroscopic Labral Reconstruction of the Hip using Gracilis Autograft, Dean K. Matsuda
Endoscopic Proximal Hamstring Repair, Michael Gerhardt
Advanced Hip Arthroscopy Webinar Discussion, Thomas G. Sampson
  • 03/2013

Cervical Myelopathy

Playlist Items:
Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion, Bruce Darden
Anterior Corpectomy, Sanford Emery
Cervical Laminectomy and Fusion for Cervical Myelopathy, Michael Fehlings
Open Laminaplasty Surgical Technique, John Heller
Cervical Myelopathy Webinar Discussion, Michael Fehlings
  • 03/2013

Slap Lesions

Playlist Items:
Is it a SLAP Tear?, Boston Shoulder Institute
Single Anchor, Double Suture Repair of a SLAP Tear, Stephen Snyder
Anatomic SLAP Repair: Mattress Suture Technique, Jeffrey S. Abrams
SLAP Tears in Athletes, Neal S ElAttrache
The Management of Failed SLAP Repairs, Peter J. Millett
SLAP Lesions Discussion, Jeffrey S. Abrams
  • 03/2013

Ask the Experts: Hip & Knee Arthroplasty

Playlist Items:
Hip & Knee Arthroplasty Case Discussions, Douglas Dennis
Hip & Knee Arthroplasty Case Discussions, William J Maloney
Ask the Experts: Hip & Knee Audience Case Presentations, Douglas Dennis
  • 03/2013

Femoral Shaft Fractures

Playlist Items:
Antegrade Nailing, Thomas A (Toney) Russell
Retrograde Nailing, Tracy Watson
Peri-Prosthetic Femur Fractures After THA, William Ricci
Management of Malunions and Nonunions, Michael Archdeacon
Surgical Timing in the Poly Trauma Patient, Kyle F Dickson
Femoral Shaft Fractures Discussion, William Ricci
  • 03/2013

AOSpine NA Presents Thoracolumbar Trauma

Playlist Items:
Thoracolumbar Fractures:Anterior versus Posterior surgical options, John France
  • 03/2013

Biceps Tenodesis Olympics

Playlist Items:
Sub Pectoral BT with Interference Screw, Augustus Mazzocca
Biceps Transfer: An Algorithmic Approach, Stephen OBrien
Sub Pectoral BT with Cortical Button, Reuben Gobezie
Arthroscopic Sutureless Biceps Tenodesis, Gary Gartsman
PITT Technique for Biceps Tenodesis, Mark Rodosky
Biceps Tenodesis Olympics Webinar Discussion, Stephen Snyder
  • 03/2013

The Alignment Debate in TKA

Playlist Items:
Our Knowledge of Ideal Alignment is Surprisingly Weak, Mayo Clinic
Alignment & Outcome in TKA - Another Prospective: Clinical and Biomechanical Principles, Michael Berend
Kinematic Alignment is the Best Way to Perform a Total Knee Arthroplasty, Stephen Howell
Ligament Balance and Alignment in Total Knee Arthroplasty: You Must Do Both!, Leo Whiteside
The Alignment Debate in TKA Discussion, Mark Pagnano
  • 03/2013
  • 3

Nerve Injuries

Playlist Items:
Nerve Grafting, Neil Jones
Nerve Transfers for Radial Nerve Palsy, David Slutsky
Innervated Free Functioning Muscle Transfers, Milan Stevanovic
  • 03/2013

Lumbar Deformity

Playlist Items:
Understanding and Assessing Lumbar Deformity, Frank Schwab
Limited Interventions for Adult Deformity, Sigurd Berven
Decision Making For Significant Deformities, Todd Albert
  • 03/2013

Healthcare Reform

Playlist Items:
Introductory Overview to Healthcare Reform, NYU Hospitals for Joint Diseases
Proposed Medicare Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Regulations, Kevin Bozic
The AAOS Perspective on Healthcare Reform, Peter Mandell
Healthcare Reform is Here: Change is Upon Us! The Industry Perspective, Doug Kohrs
Healthcare Reform Webinar Discussion, NYU Hospitals for Joint Diseases
  • 03/2013

Femoral Neck Fractures

Playlist Items:
Femoral Neck Fracture Management in Young Patients, Marc F Swiontkowski
Displaced Femoral Neck Fracture: THA Not for All, Javad Parvizi
Combined Femoral Neck and Shaft Fractures: How not to miss, Techniques of Reduction & Fixation, David Teague
THA After Failed Hip Fractures, Richard Kyle
Femoral Neck Fractures Webinar Discussion, Richard Kyle
  • 03/2013

Ask the Experts: Upper Extremity Trauma

Playlist Items:
Hemi vs. Reverse for Proximal Humerus Fracture: Case Discussion, David M. Dines
Complex Clavicle Fracture: Case Presentation, Jesse B. Jupiter
Proximal Humerus Fracture: ORIF with Calcar Support, Dean Lorich
ORIF vs. Arthroplasty for Proximal Humerus Fracture: Case Presentations, Mark A Mighell
  • 03/2013

The Rothman Institute Presents: Value Based Orthopaedic Care

Playlist Items:
Value Equation in Orthopaedics, Todd Albert
Measuring Outcomes in Orthopaedics, Kris Radcliff
Cost Effectiveness Analysis in Orthopaedic Surgery, Jeffrey Rihn
Comparative Effectiveness Research: Examples from SPORT, Alan Hilibrand
Value-Based Orthopaedic Care: Current Implications for Providers, James Pelegano
Value in Orthopaedic Care Webinar Discussion, Todd Albert
  • 03/2013

Pediatric Upper Extremity Trauma

Playlist Items:
Radial Neck Fractures in Children, Scott Kozin
Forearm Fractures in Children, Donald Bae
Supracondylar Fractures of the Humerus in Children, David Skaggs
Lateral Condyle and Medial Epicondyle Fractures in Children, Hank Chambers
Pediatric Upper Extremity Webinar Discussion, Hank Chambers
  • 03/2013

The Tourniquetless TKA

Playlist Items:
  • 03/2013

Early Onset Scoliosis

Playlist Items:
Early Onset Scoliosis: Who Should Be Treated and When, George Thompson
Growing Rods for Early Onset Scoliosis, Richard E McCarthy
  • 03/2013

The Hybrid Approach to CTO PCI

Playlist Items:
The CTO Toolbox, Aaron Grantham
Developing the CTO Skillset, R. Michael Wyman
The Hybrid Approach to CTO PCI: Evolution of Strategy, William Lombardi
Development of a High Volume, Multi-Operator PCI CTO Program in the US, Dimitrios Karmpaliotis
The Hybrid Approach to CTO PCI Webinar Discussion, William Lombardi
  • 03/2013

Prevention of Periprosthetic Joint Infection

Playlist Items:
Prevention of Infection: Pre-Operative Patient Optimization, Bryan Springer
Prevention of Infection: Skin Preparation & Surgical Scrub, Michael Dunbar
Prevention of Infection: UV Light, Merrill A Ritter
Prevention of Infection: Antibiotic Prophylaxis, Mark J Spangehl
Prevention of Infection: MRSA Decolonization, Nalini Rao
Prevention of Infection: Webinar Discussion, Javad Parvizi
  • 03/2013

Advanced Rotator Cuff Repair

Playlist Items:
The 13 Point Ultrasound Shoulder Exam, Don Buford, MD
Arthroscopic Repair of Massive Cuff Tears: Margin Convergence, Russell F. Warren
Options for Massive Cuff Tears other than Repair, Steadman Hawkins Clinic of the Carolinas
Arthroscopic Repair of Partial Thickness Rotator Cuff Tears, Ian Lo
Treating Biceps Pathology in Combination with Cuff Repair, Jeffrey S. Abrams
Advanced Rotator Cuff Techniques Webinar Discussion, Jeffrey S. Abrams
Natural History of Rotator Cuff Disease: Implications for Surgery, Jay Keener
Technique Choice in Rotator Cuff Repair: Does it Matter, Columbia University
Patches for Massive Rotator Cuff Tears, Scott Steinmann
Tissue Engineering & Scaffolds in Tendon Augmentation, Leesa Galatz
PRP in Rotator Cuff Repair, Brian Cole
Healing Strategies in Rotator Cuff Repair Discussion, William Levine
  • 03/2013

Distal Radius Fractures 2011

Playlist Items:
Anatomy of the Distal Radius, Gregory Bain
The Extended FCR Approach for Distal Radius Fractures, Jorge Orbay
Volar Rim Fractures of the Distal Radius, Jesse B. Jupiter
Avoiding Complication with Volar Plating for Distal Radius Fractures, Randy Bindra
Distraction Plating for Wrist Fractures, Douglas Hanel
Distal Radius Fractures 2011 Discussion, David Slutsky
  • 03/2013

The Lateral Approach for Spine Surgery

Playlist Items:
Lateral Approach to Lumbar Spine Technique, John Liu
The Lumbar Plexus and Transpsoas Approach: An Anatomic and Neurophysiologic Review, Hyun Bae
Avoiding Complications with the Lateral Approach, S. Tim Yoon
The Lateral Approach for Spine Deformity, Luiz Pimenta
Lateral Approach to the Spine Case Discussions, Neel Anand
  • 03/2013

Rotator Cuff Techniques (Spanish)

Playlist Items:
Arthroscopic Double Row Rotator Cuff Repair (Spanish), LatinAmericanShoulderElbow SocietySLAHOC
Open Rotator Cuff Repair (Spanish), LatinAmericanShoulderElbow SocietySLAHOC
Tendon Transfer for Rotator Cuff Tears (Spanish), LatinAmericanShoulderElbow SocietySLAHOC
Calcific tendonitis (spanish), LatinAmericanShoulderElbow SocietySLAHOC
Spanish Rotator Cuff Discussion, LatinAmericanShoulderElbow SocietySLAHOC
  • 03/2013

Lateral Ankle Instability

Playlist Items:
Normal Ankle Anatomy and Arthroscopic Diagnosis of Instability, James Stone
Anatomic Reconstruction of the Ankle: The Brostrom Procedure for Ankle Instability, Rick Ferkel
Lateral Ankle Ligament Reconstruction using Weave Procedures, Hodges Davis
Semitendinosus Autograft & Allograft Use in Revision Ankle Reconstruction Surgery, Thomas Clanton
Lateral Ankle Instability Discussion, Rick Ferkel
  • 03/2013

Revision THA: The Acetabulum

Playlist Items:
Evaluation & Exposure in Revision THA, Wayne Paprosky
Uncemented Jumbo Cups for Revision THA, Craig J Della Valle
Evaluation and Management of Lysis in a Well Fixed Socket, Edwin Su
Acetabular Metal Augments for Severe Bone Deficiency, Clive Duncan
Cup/Cage Construct for the Mangement of Pelvic Discontinuity, Allan Gross
Revision THA: The Acetabulum Discussion, Clive Duncan
  • 03/2013

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Playlist Items:
MIS TLIF, Robert Isaacs
MIS Lateral Access: Clinical Experience in Degenerative Applications, William Blake Rodgers
Anterior & Lateral Approaches for Adult Deformity, Vedat Deviren
MIS Spine Surgery Discussion, Frank Phillips
  • 03/2013

Current Controversies with Metal on Metal Hip Arthroplasty

Playlist Items:
Routine Follow Up Of Metal On Metal Arthroplasty, Tom Schmalzried
Work up of Painful MOM Hip, Tad Vail
MR Imaging of Metal on Metal Hip Arthroplasty, Hollis Potter
Indications for Revision of Metal on Metal Hip Arthroplasty, Joshua J Jacobs
Metal on Metal Bearings 2011 Webinar Discussion, Tom Schmalzried
  • 03/2013
  • 1

Lumbar Arthroplasty

Playlist Items:
Patient Selection for Lumbar Disc Arthroplasty, Jeffrey Goldstein
Lumbar Disc Arthroplasty Technique, Michael Janssen
5 Year Outcomes with Lumbar Disc Arthroplasty, Jack Zigler
Future Designs of Lumbar Disc Arthroplasty, Antonio Castellvi
Economics of Lumbar Disc Arthroplasty, Rick Guyer
Lumbar Disc Arthroplasty Webinar Discussion, Rick Guyer
  • 03/2013

Pediatric Lower Extremity Trauma

Playlist Items:
Tibial Fractures in Children, Pediatric Research in Sports Medicine Society
Pediatric Knee Fractures, John Flynn
Pediatric Femoral Shaft Fractures, Shital Parikh
Pediatric Lower Extremity Trauma Webinar Discussion, Hank Chambers
  • 03/2013

Revision TKA: Advanced Techniques

Playlist Items:
Strategies for Managing Bone Loss in Revision TKA, Mayo Clinic
Trabecular Metal Cones: Utility in Revision TKA, Giles Scuderi
Transplanting the Extensor Mechanism: When All Else Fails in Revision TKA, David Nazarian
Management of TKA Instability, Raymond Kim
Two Stage Re-Implantation for Infected TKA, Tom Fehring
Revision TKA Advanced Techniques Discussion, Mayo Clinic
  • 03/2013

MIS vs Open Approaches for Spine Deformity

Playlist Items:
Rationale for Open Approaches for Spinal Deformity Correction, Christopher Ames
MIS Correction of Adult Spinal Deformity, Neel Anand
Minimally Invasive Technique for Sagital Deformity Correction. , Gregory Mundis
Biomechanics, Techniques & Clinical Applications for Long Fusions to the Sacrum, Oheneba Boachie-Adjei
MIS vs Open Adult Deformity Discussion, Sigurd Berven
  • 03/2013

How I Do a Posterolateral Corner Reconstruction

Playlist Items:
The Anatomic Posterolateral Corner Reconstruction Technique, Rob LaPrade
Posterolateral Corner Injuries: Repair & Reconstruction Techniques, Mark Miller
PLC Injuries: Repair & Reconstruction for Acute & Chronic Injuries, Christopher Harner
Fibular Based Posterolateral Corner Reconstruction, Claude T Moorman
Posterolateral Corner Injuries Webinar Discussion, David McAllister
  • 03/2013
  • 2

Acetabular Fractures

Playlist Items:
Classification of Acetabular Fractures Using Radiography, Mark Reilly
Approaches for Acetabular Fractures, Michael Stover
Results of Acetabular Fractures Fixation: What Can Be Achieved, Joel Matta
Transverse Acetabular Fractures, Philip Kregor
Posterior Wall Acetabular Fractures: Mistakes to Avoid, Stephen Sims
Acetabular Fractures Webinar Discussion, Philip Kregor
  • 03/2013
  • 1

JBJS(Br) Presents... Hip Arthroscopy Surgical Interventions

Playlist Items:
Management of Articular Cartilage Lesions in the Hip, Andrea Fontana
Arthroscopic Management of the Acetabular Rim for FAI, Michael Dienst
Arthroscopic management of Cam Impingement, Michael Leunig
The Trochanteric Compartment, Richard Field
The Iliopsoas & Hip Arthroscopy, JOHN O'DONNELL
Hip Arthroscopy Techniques JBJS(Br) Webinar Discussion, Richard Field
  • 03/2013

JBJS(Br) Presents... Getting Started in Hip Arthroscopy

Playlist Items:
Physical Exam, Imaging, and Surgical Planning for Arthroscopy of Hip, Fares Haddad
The Lateral Approach Set Up For Hip Arthroscopy, Richard Villar
The Supine Position Set Up For Hip Arthroscopy, Tony Andrade
Arthroscopic Anatomy and Pathology of the Hip, Vikas Khanduja
Post Operative Care and Rehabilitation after Hip Arthroscopy, Richard Field
Getting Started in Hip Arthroscopy JBJS(Br) Webinar Discussion, Richard Field
  • 03/2013
  • 1

PRP Update 2011: Where Does it Work?

Playlist Items:
PRP for the Treatment of Lateral Epicondylitis, Allan Mishra
PRP Treatment for Hamstring Injuries, James P Bradley
Meniscus Repair with PRP, Nicholas Sgaglione
PRP in Cartilage for Osteoarthritis and Pain, Brian Cole
PRP for Cartilage in the Ankle, John Kennedy
PRP for Achilles Injuries, John Kennedy
PRP Update Webinar Discussion, Steven P Arnoczky
  • 03/2013

High Risk Coronary Interventions

Playlist Items:
Hemodynamic Profiling in Circulatory Support for High Risk PCI, Navin Kapur
In Lab LV Hemodynamic Support, Morton Kern
Protect II Trial, William O'Neill
Choice of Contract Media in High Risk PCI, Michael Lim
Practical Applications of Hemodynamic Support in High Risk PCI, George Vetrovec
Case of Late Arriving MI with Shock and CHF - Webinar Discussion, Morton Kern
  • 03/2013

Revision THA: The Femur

Playlist Items:
Exposure in Revision THA, Robert Barrack
Revision THA with Cemented Impaction Grafting, Douglas Padgett
Extensively Coated Porocoated Stems in Revision THA, John Moreland
Tapered Titanium Stems in Revision THA, Clive Duncan
Segmental Allografts and Tumor Prosthesis in Revision THA, Wayne Paprosky
Revision of Hip Resurfacing, Robert Barrack
Revision THA: The Femur Webinar Discussion, Clive Duncan
  • 03/2013

The Athlete's Elbow

Playlist Items:
UCL Reconstruction Using the Modified Jobe Technique, James R Andrews
Arthroscopic Treatment of OCD in the Elbow, Neal S ElAttrache
Management of Posteromedial Impingement, Joshua Dines
Rehab after UCL Reconstruction, Kevin Wilk
The Athlete's Elbow Webinar Discussion, Neal S ElAttrache
UCL Reconstruction using the Docking Technique 2012, Joshua Dines
  • 03/2013

AOSpine NA Presents... Cervical Trauma

Playlist Items:
Geriatric Odontoid Fracture, Darrel Brodke
Central Cord Syndromes in Cervical Trauma, Alex Vaccaro
Complex Upper Cervical Fracture, Carlo Bellabarba
Cervical Trauma Subaxial Facet Fractures & Dislocations, Charles Fisher
Cervical Trauma Discussion, John France
  • 03/2013

Controversies in Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Playlist Items:
Optimal Management and Clinical Practice Guidelines in Carpal Tunnel Surgery, Peter Amadio
Mini-Open Carpal Tunnel Release, Arnold Peter Weiss
Endoscopic vs. Open Approaches Carpal Tunnel Surgery, Reid Abrams
Wide Awake Carpal Tunnel Release, AAHS Society
Failed Carpal Tunnel Release , Neil Jones
Controversies in Carpal Tunnel Surgery Discussion, David Slutsky
  • 03/2013

The Transradial Approach: Complex Interventions

Playlist Items:
My Worst Disaster Trasversing the Arm, Olivier Bertrand
SVG Intervention using Transradial Approach, Ian Gilchrist
The Nurse in Holding Cant Feel the Radial Pulse, Samir Pancholy
STEMI Alert: Radial?, Christopher Pyne
Transradial Approach for Calcified LAD Lesions, Mauricio Cohen
Radial CTO: The Final Frontier, Sunil Rao
The Transradial Approach - Complex Interventions Discussion, Mauricio Cohen
  • 03/2013

Emerging Therapies in Cartilage Restoration

Playlist Items:
ACI: Technique and Long Term Outcomes, Mats Brittberg
MACI For Cartilage Restoration, Andreas Imhoff
Arthroscopic MACI, Stephen Abelow
Stem Cell Transplantation for Cartilage Restoration, Alberto Gobbi
PRP for Knee Cartilage , Ramon Cugat
Emerging Treatments in Cartilage Restoration Discussion, Stephen Abelow
  • 03/2013

AOSpine NA Presents...Low Back Pain & Fusion

Playlist Items:
Fusion and Low Back Pain: Why all the Controversy, Chris Shaffrey
Appropriate Indications for Fusion in Low Back Pain, Jeff Wang
Administrative Interventions Regarding LBP Surgery, Joseph Cheng
Preferred Treatments of Mechanical LBP Discussion, Jens Chapman
AOSpine NA Presents...Low Back Pain & Fusion Syllabus, Anjannette Yeager
  • 03/2013

Current Controversies in Achilles Repair

Playlist Items:
Optimal Management of Acute Achilles Ruptures , Christopher Chiodo
Achilles Tendon Ruptures: Limited incision repair, Bruce Cohen
Chronic Achilles Injury: Operative Repair, Eric Giza
Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment of Achilles Tendon Injuries Update 2012 , Michael O'Malley
  • 03/2013
  • 1

Alcohol Septal Ablation

Playlist Items:
Alcohol Septal Ablation: Case Selection , Srihari Naidu
Alcohol Septal Ablation: Intra-operative Technique, Michael Fifer
Alcohol Septal Ablation: Post Procedure Concerns and Follow-Up, Paul Sorajja
Alcohol Septal Ablation Discussion, Howard Herrmann
  • 03/2013

Complex Shoulder Arthroplasty

Playlist Items:
Management of Shoulder Arthroplasty: How To Get it Right, Steadman Hawkins Clinic of the Carolinas
Management of Instability after Shoulder Arthroplasty, NYU Hospitals for Joint Diseases
The Use of Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty in Failed TSR and Hemiarthroplasty, Edward Craig
Management of Infection after Shoulder Arthroplasty, John Sperling
Complex Shoulder Arthroplasty Discussion, Steadman Hawkins Clinic of the Carolinas
  • 03/2013

Basic Principles of Spinal Deformity

Playlist Items:
Spine Deformity Radiographic Evaluation, Christopher Ames
Adolescent Spinal Deformity Evaluation and Classification, Amer Samdani
Adult Spine Deformity: Classification and Surgical Planning, Tyler Koski
Surgical Planning in Adult Spinal Deformity, Frank Schwab
Basic Principles of Spinal Deformity Discussion, Christopher Ames
Decision Making for Significant Lumbar Deformity, Todd Albert
  • 03/2013

AAHS Presents... The Ulnar Nerve

Playlist Items:
The Cubital Tunnel: Compression of the Ulnar Nerve at the Elbow, Lee Osterman
Ulnar Nerve Surgery at the Elbow Subcutaneous Transposition, Robert Spinner
Transmuscular Transposition of the Ulnar Nerve - Webinar, Susan Mackinnon
Endoscopic Cubital Tunnel Hoffman Technique, John Lubahn
The Ulnar Nerve Decompression & Transposition Discussion, Jesse B. Jupiter
  • 03/2013

Anterior Approach THA: How To Make the Switch

Playlist Items:
The Anterior THA Technique, Joel Matta
Anterior Approach THA: Lessons from the learning curve, Joseph Moskal
THA Direct Anterior Approach: Converting from the Posterior Approach, William Hamilton
Revision THA Utilizing the Anterior Approach, Jonathan Yerasimides
Anterior Approach THA: How To Make the Switch Discussion, Joel Matta
  • 03/2013

CSRS Presents... Cervical Myelopathy Controversies

Playlist Items:
Non-Operative Management of Cervical Spondylosis with Stenosis, Eric Woodard
Surgical Management of Cord Compression with T2 Change, Paul Arnold
Cervical Myelopathy and Laminoplasty: Indications and Myths, John Heller
Cervical Laminectomy and Fusion is the Correct Operation?, James Harrop
CSRS Presents... Cervical Myelopathy Controversies Discussion, Michael Fehlings
  • 03/2013
  • 1

"My Shoulder Hurts" - Where Do We Start?

Playlist Items:
Elements of patient history you may be overlooking, Edward Craig
The Role of PEX: A Brief Consideration, JP Warner
The Shoulder and MRI, William Levine
Ultrasound Evaluation of the Shoulder, NYU Hospitals for Joint Diseases
Rehabilitation of the Shoulder: What Works, W. Ben Kibler
My Shoulder Hurts" - Where Do We Start? Discussion, Edward Craig
  • 03/2013
  • 1

Pediatric Fractures of the Hand, Wrist and Forearm

Playlist Items:
Pediatric Phalangeal Neck Fractures, Josh Abzug
Pediatric Distal Radius Fractures, Joshua Ratner
Pediatric Forearm Fractures, Dan Zlotolow
Pediatric Monteggia Lesions , Scott Kozin
Pediatric Fractures of the Hand, Wrist and Forearm Discussion, Scott Kozin
  • 03/2013

LSRS Presents... Degenerative Spondylolisthesis

Playlist Items:
Spondylolisthesis Indications for Laminectomy Surgery, Gregory Trost
Degenerative Lumbar Spondylolisthesis: Posterolateral Fusion , Jeffrey Fischgrund
Lumbar Degenerative Spondylolisthesis Interbody Fusion, Reduction, Alpesh Patel
Lumbar Spondylolisthesis: Minimally Invasive Options, Michael Wang
LSRS Presents... Degenerative Spondylolisthesis Discussion, Bruce Darden
LSRS Presents... Degenerative Spondylolisthesis Syllabus, Panel Discussion
  • 03/2013

Evaluation of the Young Hip: The Challenging Diagnosis

Playlist Items:
Subtleties of Hip Osteoarthritis in Young Patients, Thomas G. Sampson
Adult Hip Dysplasia Pearls, Michael Millis
Pearls of Diagnosing Hamstring Disorders, Michael Gerhardt
Core Injuries: Athletic Pubalgia vs Hip Pathology, William Meyers
Evaluation of the Young Hip: The Challenging Diagnosis Discussion, Allston J. Stubbs
Evaluation of the Young Hip: The Challenging Diagnosis Syllabus, Panel Discussion
  • 03/2013

The Perfect Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair

Playlist Items:
Diagnostic Arthroscopy for Rotator Cuff Tears, Jeffrey S. Abrams
Rotator Cuff Tear Pattern Recognition & Double Row Repair, Peter J. Millett
The Perfect Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair, Stephen Snyder
Arthroscopic Transosseous no Anchor RCR, Sumant Krishnan
The Perfect Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair Discussion, William Levine
  • 03/2013

How I do a Revision TKA

Playlist Items:
Revision TKA Exposures, Aaron Rosenberg
Component Removal in Revision TKA, Douglas Dennis
Bone Preservation and Reconstruction in Revision TKA, Leo Whiteside
Re-establishing the Joint Line in Revision TKR, David Stulberg
How I do a Revision TKA Discussion, Aaron Rosenberg
How I Do A Revision TKA Syllabus , VuMedi Webinars
  • 03/2013

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