Ruth Jackson Orthopedic Society

CMC Arthritis Webinar

Playlist Items:
The Little Joint with Big Problems: Anatomy, Treatment, and Challenges in CMC Arthritis, Amy Ladd
Trapeziectomy: My Preferred Treatment and Why, Arnold Peter Weiss
Save the Trapezium - Rope Devices and other "Sparing" Surgeries, Sanjeev Kakar
Instability, Laxity: Why Do Men Get CMC Arthritis?, Jennifer Wolf
CMC Arthritis Discussion, Amy Ladd
CMC Arthritis Syllabus, VuMedi Webinars
  • February 27, 2014

Sex and The ACL Webinar

Playlist Items:
Sex and The ACL - Epidemiology and Risk Factors, Sharon Hame
ACL Tear Risk: Do Hormones Matter?, Jason Dragoo
Sex and The ACL: Does It Really Matter, Mary Ireland
Osteoarthritis: Sex Differences and Are We Preventing OA by ACL Reconstruction, Constance Chu
Sex and The ACL Discussion, Mary Ireland
Sex and The ACL Syllabus, VuMedi Webinars
  • January 12, 2014