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For 200 years—since 1817—the New York Academy of Sciences has brought together extraordinary people working at the frontiers of discovery and promoted vital links between science and society. Among the oldest scientific organizations in the United States, it has become not only an enduring cultural institution in New York, but also one of the most significant organizations in the global scientific community.


Lessons from the Phase Behavior of Block Co-Polymeric Proteins with Low Complexity Domains

June 27, 2019

In this video, Rohit Pappu, PhD, of Washington University in St. Louis, shares how his lab is investigating the huntingtin gene as a model to uncover the fundamental principles of phase separation. The talk was part of The New York Academy of Sciences’ symposium on advances in biological phase separation and the implications for human disease.

To learn more and view the full talk, please visit: Phase Separation and Disease

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