11th Annual Course on Office and Urgent Care Orthopaedics: Essentials of Musculoskeletal Care

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Notification icon Saturday, May 4, 2019 7 AM - 5 PM America/Los_Angeles

Location Icon Harvey Morse Conference Center, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA

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Target Audience

  • Emergency Medicine
  • Family / General Medicine
  • Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 


Disorders of the musculoskeletal system are the primary reason that individuals seek medical attention in the United States; therefore, a fundamental knowledge of musculoskeletal disorders is necessary for practicing primary care providers. The field of orthopaedics; however, is rapidly advancing which presents a challenge for primary care providers to keep pace with advancements.
The goal of this program is to provide primary care physicians with an overview of some of the most common disorders of the musculoskeletal system that they frequently encounter in their practice, and to offer them an opportunity to sharpen their skills in recommending surgical techniques or non-surgical treatment plans that will restore function and range of motion to their patients. After the didactic presentations, there will be breakout sessions for demonstrations and hands-on practice of the various techniques discussed. 


  1. Apply hands on physical examination of the back, shoulder, hand, hip, knee and foot/ankle
  2. Discuss the acute treatment of adult and pediatric orthopaedic emergencies
  3. Describe acute evaluation and treatment of fractures, dislocations, back and sports injuries
  4. Identify commonly missed orthopaedic diagnoses
  5. Evaluate basic and advanced imaging techniques
  6. Describe an orthopaedic perspective on chronic musculoskeletal pain management
  7. Explain how to teach home-based physical therapy programs
  8. Discuss hands-on techniques for cortisone, viscosupplementation, and platelet rich plasma injections
  9. Discuss how to help your patients avoid unnecessary surgery

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Course Syllabus

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9 others would like to attend.

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