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Complementary Therapies in GI and Nutritional Care: The Evidence and Practice

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Notification icon Tuesday, March 14, 2023 12 PM - 1 PM America/Chicago

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  1. Understand the basis for the Anti-inflammatory diet
  2. Be aware of the benefits in pediatric patients
  3. Learn practical implementation strategies


There is increasing evidence to support the role of the anti-inflammatory diet in promoting health and disease prevention.  Although it is based on the Mediterranean and Okinawan diets, most traditional diets worldwide are anti-inflammatory. The evidence to support its use in pediatric patients is increasing. As pediatricians, if we can establish healthy patterns of eating in children, we may be able to promote healthy lifestyle habits in adulthood.

  • Maria Mascarenhas

    Professor of Pediatrics
    Institution: The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia PA
    Email: Mascarenhas@chop.edu

7 others would like to attend.

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