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Evidence Based Stroke Medicine Webinar

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Notification icon Wednesday, January 26, 2022 4 PM - 5 PM CET

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The introduction and evolution of evidence-based stroke medicine has realized major advances in our knowledge about stroke, methods of medical research, and patient outcomes that continue to complement traditional individual patient care. The webinar will focus on the topics below.


  • Stroke Unit: not just reperfusion (Christine Roffe)
  • New possibilities in reperfusion (Danilo Toni)
  • Is there an aneurysm? (Gabriel Rinkel)


  • Christine Roffe (Stroke Physician at Royal Stoke University Hospital and Keele University)
  • Danilo Toni (Director at Emergency Department Stroke Unit – University La Sapienza Rome)
  • Gabriel Rinkel (Professor of Neurology & Medical Chair at Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery of the University Medical Centre, Utrecht, the Netherlands)


  • Francesca Romana Pezzella
  • Stefano Ricci

66 others would like to attend.

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