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High Grade Lumbo-Sacral Spondylolisthesis, Weill Cornell Medicine
Minimally Invasive Options for Adult Spinal Deformity, Weill Cornell Medicine
Lateral Transpsoas Surgery, California Orthopaedic Association
Adult Spinal Deformity: Case Discussion #1, Medtronic .
Minimally Invasive Lateral Approaches to T-L Spine, Weill Cornell Medicine Courses and Meetings
XLIF for Spine Deformity Correction, Weill Cornell Medicine Courses and Meetings
Step by step: MIS Deformity Correction, Weill Cornell Medicine Courses and Meetings
Lumbar Disc Herniation - Surgical Considerations, Lumbar Spine Research Society
Sacropelvic Fixation: Options, Techniques and Complications, Khaled Kebaish
Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (L5 / S1), UniversityofWashington
Transforaminal Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy, Menno Iprenburg
Open TLIF, Rothman Institute
How to Read a Lumbar MRI, Spiro Antoniades
  • September 2018


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Ilioinguinal Approach to the Acetabulum, Edmundo Berumen-Nafarrate
Spring plates for posterior wall acetabular fractures, Ashok Gavaskar
Acetabular Fractures Webinar Discussion, Philip Kregor
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  • August 2018

Femorotibial ligaments

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The Pivot Shift Unraveled: Why We Disagree With Dr. Fu, Steven Claes
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  • September 2018