Roman had been working at NBC on a video anti-piracy project. He and his college friends were already fans of a new video site called YouTube. Roman asked Gregg why there wasn't a video site with training materials for doctors.

Gregg’s eyes went wide. “We could use that,” he said.

“If there was a video site like that, we would all use it.” Roman was struck by the word “we.” A video education site would be something not just useful to Gregg, but potentially to countless other doctors as well.

And so VuMedi was born. The company began as a small team, reaching out to doctors at UCSF and UCLA. One referral for content led to another. In those days, surgeons would sometimes mail DVDs to VuMedi, and VuMedi would literally “rip” the discs and add videos one at a time.

Fast forward to today, when VuMedi is hosting over 40,000 videos from leading hospitals and clinics, who continuously share videos covering not just surgical techniques but also pharmacological therapies. VuMedi has an international subscriber base of over 450,000 doctors. and a dedicated curation team, authenticating videos and tagging them by specialty and other factors. VuMedi leverages its proprietary recommendation algorithm to ensure doctors can find the right video at the right time.

VuMedi has grown dramatically, but one thing hasn’t changed: our sense of purpose. Our purpose is to improve patient care by providing doctors with convenient, comprehensive video education on therapies, techniques, research, and more. We bring the latest insights and deepest knowledge in the world of medicine to the laptops, tablets, and smartphones of physicians around the world.