AAHFN 2021- Getting Comfortable with Cardiac Contractility Modulation - Patient Screening Through Follow-up

November 25, 2021

Many patients remain symptomatic despite being on optimal doses of medication causing them a compromised lifestyle that not only affects the patient but their entire family. In this video, Dr. Marc Silver will Discuss the importance of classifying your patients and asking the right questions to build a collaborative approach for the patient and provider together and introducing the “Silver Bullets” (1:59 - 17:34). Next, Sonja Brune, NP will highlight the importance of performing a 6-minute hall walk test on patients and review the fine balance between NYHA HF Classifications (17:35 - 34:58). Finally, a patient that has received CCM® therapy shares her personal journey and how cardiac contractility modulation has impacted her life and her family (34:59 - 47:07).

Intro 0:00-1:58

Marc Silver, MD 1:59-17:34

Sonja Brune, NP 17:35-34:38

Patient Jessica 349-47:07

Q&A 47:08-1:00:20
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