Pre-Operative Solutions for Outpatient TJA - Risk Assessment, Patient Selection, and Planning Software

July 30, 2021

Please join Dr. Michael Meneghini (Indiana University) as he moderates a multi-specialty panel discussion with Dr. Scott Sporer (Rush University) and Dr. Jonathan Levy (Holy Cross Orthopaedic Institute) around DJO’s outpatient joint solutions. These solutions aim to demonstrate an improved patient experience and outcomes, with a goal to deliver streamlined product technologies, cost optimizations to drive profitability, and help maximize clinical efficiencies throughout the care continuum. The panel will share experiences with unique offerings such as OaraScore® (Outpatient Arthroplasty Risk Assessment), ADAPTABLE® Surgical Arm, as well as the EMPOWR hip and knee and AltiVate® shoulder portfolios. This discussion will also review outpatient protocols to introduce best practices to new outpatient total joint programs. Some products shown are only available in the US. Watch next: Intra-Operative Solutions for Outpatient TJA - Tools, Implants, and Protocols

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