April 16, 2021

In this video, Dr. Ishu Rao reviews key concepts and key clinical evidence surrounding CCM® therapy. He will moderate clips from past educational programs highlighting CCM indications and patient selection, clinical trial evidence and results, review the mechanism of action, and physician implant experience of CCM®. The experience and comments from physicians include: Dr. Freddy Abi-Samra, Dr. Daniel Burkhoff, Dr. Karl Heinz-Kuck, Dr. William Abraham, Dr. Joann Lindenfeld, Dr. Ben D'Souza, Dr. Rami Kahwash, Dr. Jagmeet Singh, Dr. Rahul DOshi, Dr. Vinay Thohan, and Dr. Geri Tommasoni. This video was created using medical education programs from throughout the year to build a group of experiences for the viewer.
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