HRS 2021 - Cardiac Contractility Modulation - Optimizing the Treatment of Heart Failure with Device Therapy

August 25, 2021

This video features a Rhythm Theatre presentation from HRS 2021 that features Dr. Jagmeet Singh as the moderator and includes a faculty of Dr. Niraj Varma, Dr. Raul Weiss, and Prof. Jurgen Kuschyk.  Dr. Varma (0:00 – 14:48) begins by discussing the mechanism of action of CCM Therapy - explaining how the therapy works in the myocardium at the cellular level.  Dr. Weiss (14:50 – 31:15) details the cadence of clinical trials that led to the approval of CCM therapy, provides an update on the current Post Approval Study (PAS), and sheds light on the many new trials to come. Finally, Dr. Kuschyk (31:16 – 57:25) presents the results of a recently published prospective registry of over 500 patients followed for 3 years that have received CCM therapy. The clinical outcomes observed in this long term study deserve your attention!

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