Live Case: OCT-Guided PCI of Calcified Proximal LCx

July 1, 2019

Watch interventional cardiologists Drs. Richard Shlofmitz and Allen Jeremias (St. Francis Hospital, New York) perform a PCI of the proximal left circumflex stenosis (LCx) They demonstrate how intravascular imaging with OCT (optical coherence tomography) helps to guide treatment.
During the case, the doctors address the following questions:

• Does one need to image before or after the stent is placed?
• How does co-registration feature on OCT help with precise stent placement?
• How does OCT help to diagnose calcium, edge dissections, and the underlying mechanism of ISR?

To learn more about OCT, check out OCT Intravascular Imaging step-by-step guide.

Video Outline:

• 0-6:39 min Intro, case overview and treatment strategy discussion

• 6:00 min Intervention/Ablative technique

• 14:05 min Intervention/OCT Imaging/Pre-PCI assessment

• 32:00 min Post‐stent assessment

• 44:13 min Vessel closure

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