Understanding How the Use of the Routine OCT Workflow Changes Physicians Decisions

November 16, 2022

This is a 4-part panel webinar presentation. In the part 3, Dr. Jason Wollmuth discusses the role that lesion morphology plays in influencing changes in physician decisions within the pre-PCI “OCT Strategize” step of the [MLD MAX] Workflow:

  • Lesion Assessment
  • Vessel Preparation Strategy
  • Stenting Strategy

Key Takeaway: When the full range of information available from OCT was used during the procedure, physicians changed their decisions in 88% of lesions with morphology driving the majority of changes within the pre-PCI OCT strategize step*.

This video is an excerpt from the webinar titled “How does OCT make a difference? New insights from the LightLab Data.”

Learn more about OCT: https://bit.ly/3AoTsB1
Important Safety Info: https://bit.ly/3mHYQvh

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*Bezerra, H. et al: Analysis of changes in decision-making process during OCT-guided PCI-Insights from the LightLab Initiative. EuroPCR2020 Presentation

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