Can Knee Stability Lead to a More Productive Bundle?

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Aaron Salyapongse

Stanford Healthcare – ValleyCare; Pleasanton, CA

Key Considerations for a Bundle Episode: Pre-, Peri- and Post-Op Protocols
Russell Nevins

Nevada Orthopedic & Spine Center; Las Vegas, NV

AP Stability, Rehabilitation and Patient Outcomes
David Backstein

Mount Sinai Hospital; Toronto, Canada

Addressing Varus and Valgus Deformity using the Medial-Pivot Knee
Leo Whiteside

Missouri Bone & Joint Center; Saint Louis, MO

My Experience with Medial-Pivot to date, Supporting Kinematic and Scientific Data
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This VuMedi Webinar will focus on strategies to have a more successful Total Knee bundle episode, moderated by Dr. Leo Whiteside.

The faculty will review key considerations for a productive bundle, including Pre, Peri and Post-operative protocols, the role of Medial-Pivot implant design in achieving AP stability, and the impact on patient outcomes.   The faculty will further share tips and pearls to address severe varus-valgus deformities with the primary Medial-Pivot implant, and their surgical technique. 

Dr. Leo Whiteside will share his experience with the MicroPort Medial-Pivot to date, and the supporting kinematic and scientific data.

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