CCM® Therapy

Impulse Dynamics is determined to improve the lives of people with heart failure and is the developer of the innovative Optimizer® CCM® Therapy delivery system. CCM® Therapy is a breakthrough heart failure treatment proven to improve quality of life for heart failure patients. CCM® Therapy is specifically designed to improve systolic contraction in an effort to deliver more oxygen-rich blood to the body. CCM® Therapy is a safe and effective, minimally invasive treatment option for millions of heart failure patients who otherwise have few or no effective options available to them. Optimizer® is the first and only FDA-approved device in the U.S. or elsewhere for the delivery of CCM® Therapy.

Our mission at Impulse Dynamics is to exceed the expectations of patients, clinicians, and caregivers alike by developing and providing cardiac contractility modulation. The company believes in fostering innovation, transparency, and accountability in our relentless efforts to expand global access to the benefits of CCM® Therapy.