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10th Annual Meeting of the SSG

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Notification icon Thursday, July 20, 2023 11 AM - Saturday, July 22, 2023 12 PM America/Denver

Location Icon 900 Walnut St, Boulder, CO 80302, United States

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Welcome to the 10th Annual Meeting of the Subcortical Surgery Group. Your favorite neurosurgery meeting will return to the St Julien Hotel in Boulder, Colorado July 20 – 22, 2023. Please join us as we celebrate a DECADE of progress on our mission to optimize Minimally Invasive Parafascicular Surgery through collaborative research and technology applications that have proven to be better for the patient, the hospital, and the surgeon. 

This year’s theme, Celebrating a DECADE of Progress - MIPS, presents a diverse agenda across 1½ days. Over 20 presenters to include Chairs of Neurosurgery will share their clinical experiences, published evidence, and newest research studies using MIPS and advanced technologies. 

The day before the meeting, attend one or both of the following workshops:

MIPS: A Deficit Sparing Approach Workshop


For neurosurgery, the push toward minimally invasive approaches has continued to expand over the last decade. Not all minimally invasive neurosurgery is the same. Through modern advancements in neurosurgical technology and refined microsurgical techniques, neurosurgeons now have more appropriate surgical options in subcortical intervention. This education program aims to assist you in building your repertoire of surgical techniques by introducing a deficit sparing approach for the subcortical space, known as MIPS: Minimally Invasive Parafascicular Surgery. It is designed to provide current evidence-based medicine, personal surgeon experiences, and a hands-on skills workshop. By attending this workshop, you too can increase in surgical efficiency, build consistent improvement in clinical outcomes over historical measures, and develop your practice further by becoming a leader in minimally disruptive subcortical neurosurgery. 


Neurosurgeons who have NOT attended a MIPS education program 


Upgrading to the Modern-Day Neurosurgical OR Workshop


Subcortical neurosurgery is expanding and evolving at a rapid pace. Today’s operating rooms need advanced technologies to support this highly technical field of medicine and improve safety and efficacy for patients. This workshop offers attendees hands-on experience with modern technologies that can enhance efficiency and performance in the OR. Attendees will choose two in-depth sessions led by your peers. The final 45 minutes of the workshop allows for independent exploration. 


Neurosurgeons interested in enhancing their current OR setting for subcortical surgery

For more information please visit the official event page.

  • Julian Bailes

    SSG President and Chairman

Course Syllabus

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4 others would like to attend.

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