SCAI Fellows Workshop: Advanced Closure Techniques: Extravascular Closure in Challenging Case Scenarios and Advanced Radial Techniques: Complex Clinical Scenarios

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Notification icon Friday, December 7, 2018 2 PM - 8 PM America/Los_Angeles

Location Icon Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

Event info

This workshop will offer technical, hands on training in conjunction with didactic education from expert faculty in radial and femoral access and closure techniques.

Topics of Discussion Include:

Principles of extrvascular closure Advanced Applications: Antegrade Bifurcation Presence of PAD Re-access Link between good access and successful closure, use of ultrasound guidance Radial vs. Femoral Access: Pros and Cons; How Do We Choose? TransRadial Access: New Technology Radial Artery Patency and Occlusions Tips and Tricks for Successful Radial Access

Course Syllabus

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1 other would like to attend.

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