Anatomic TSA Using A Fully Convertible, Hybrid Glenoid System

By Enovis FEATURING Joseph Choi
By Enovis FEATURING Joseph Choi
August 8, 2022

Anatomic Total Shoulder Arthroplasty
Male, 73 years old
Clinical Indications & Disease:

  •  A/P Radiograph revealed bone on bone, end stage arthritis with no joint space remaining
  •  45/45 Oblique view consistent with A/P findings
  •  CT scan reveals B2 glenoid with posterior wear, subluxation, and bi-concave formation

Surgical Intervention:

  • Introduction of convertible, hybrid glenoid that features poly articulation surface with titanium peg designed for biological integration
  • If reverse shoulder replacement is required, system allows for vault peg to remain in place while the baseplate is converted to reverse components, minimizing boney disruption
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