MicroPort Orthopedics

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  • From its headquarters in Arlington, TN, MicroPort Orthopedics develops and distributes innovative products for hip and knee reconstruction with the goal of getting patients back to Full Function, Faster®. A growing number of experienced surgeons have embraced MicroPort’s SuperPath® as their preferred total hip technique. When compared to national averages, patients treated with the SuperPath® technique have stayed in the hospital for a shorter amount of time, been discharged directly to their home more often, and are less likely to return within 30 days for any reason—all without the typical postoperative hip restrictions associated with traditional THA techniques. On the knee side, the literature demonstrates that nearly 20% of all patients are not satisfied with their total knee replacement due to residual pain, functional limitations, and early implant failure. MicroPort’s Evolution® Medial Pivot Knee System is designed to address the limitations of traditional implants by delivering enhanced stability, more natural kinematics, and wear-limiting design characteristics.