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SUTUREFIX CURVED All-Suture Anchor Technique Animation (Shoulder)

February 6, 2018

When the SUTUREFIX All-Suture Anchor deploys, you can FEEL it. SEE it. HEAR it. Most all-suture anchors require you to pull on the suture strands to deploy the anchors, and do not offer distinct feedback as to when, or if, successful anchor deployment has taken place. The deployment mechanism of the SUTUREFIX All-Suture Anchor makes deployment more certain – with cues you can hear, feel and see1 – including a tactile and audible “click.” The SUTUREFIX™ CURVED Drill Guide improves access and trajectory when drilling, and, coupled with a short drill depth, the risk of articular surface perforation, bicortical perforation, and converging tunnels may be reduced

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