Waldemar LINK


Founded 1948 in Hamburg, Germany, Waldemar Link GmbH & Co. KG (LINK) produced the first ever joint replacement prosthesis in Germany in 1963. With implantations in over 60 countries, it is among the leading players in the large joint replacement market. A pioneer of modern joint reconstruction, LINK has products which have set new standards from basic to extremely complex clinical situations giving it a respected name among the orthopedic community globally. The company is focused on further strengthening its leading position in revision surgery and expanding its portfolio of primary implants and enabling technology. Privately held, Helmut D. Link leads the company today with a long-term view on sustainable business development with absolutely no compromise on product and service quality, always following his saying that “We develop, produce and market only implants that we would be willing to have implanted in ourselves.”

Visit https://www.link-ortho.com/us or https://www.link-ortho.com/


What's New: Trends in UKA

December 9, 2021
Dr. Benko discusses new trends in unicondylar knee replacement.
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