EHRA 2024: Cardiac Contractility Modulation: Innovation Therapy for Heart Failure Management

May 2, 2024
This educational session from EHRA 2024 will explain what Cardiac Contractility Modulation therapy is, how it works, and the expected outcomes when utilizing this treatment for HF in NYHA Class III patients who remain symptomatic despite guideline directed medical therapy. Dr. Nadia Aspromonte discusses the challenges that continue to exist in the treatment of heart failure and the unmet needs the provider community must face together (0 - 8:05). Dr. Niraj Varma introduces the Integra D Trial design and inclusion criteria. CCM-D is an investigational device in clinical trials that has both CCM® and defibrillator capabilities. (8:05 - 21:06) Dr. Jurgen Kuschyk talks about his real-world experience with CCM therapy and approaches to identify appropriate candidates in patients with limited options available to improve their symptoms and quality of life. He presents his personal experience with a case study. (21:06 - 36:03) Finally, Vivek Reddy, MD moderates the questions and answers session. (36:03 - 55:56)
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