From Single to Triple Branched: Built to Accommodate

March 4, 2024
From ESVS 2023
Covers challenges in TEVAR Therapy,
Shares a few studies namely: Parera et al, covering strokes; Kamuran et. al, covering air bubbles inside a graft during in vitro tes; Swerdlow et. al covering Stroke. Covers how to select a device to minimize procedural risks. Presenting Relay and each of the features that make it his option of use for zone 3 and 4.

Covers zone 0,1 and 2;
Presents turbulent flow at the aortic rooot with a 4d MRI.
Presents publication DiBartolomeo et al.,Covering risk of stroke of the Arch repair;
Concludeswith the need of a multidisciplinary decision making for what is best for patient.

Presents case selection and planning for Relay Branch adn details on the Branched CMD.

Presents a branched case

Raises questions on the therapy that still needs answers.

The content, discussion and opinions expressed in this video are those of the physician and may not be reflective of the approved indications for use of the device, which may also differ by region. Please consult for product indications, contraindications and warnings/precautions.

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