Fenestrated TREO: Austria Experience from Radiological Perspective v2

March 6, 2024
Florian Wolf, Fenestrated TREO, Charing Cross 2023, right common iliac aneurysm, juxtarenal aneurysm, percutaneous access, Prostyle closure device, 7fr steerable Tourguide Sheath, VBX BX stents, 5 fens, celiac trunk, SMA, small left renal artery, accessory left renal, audience discussion, unsupported bodies vs supported bodies, put fenestrated very close together unsupported bodie, posterier challenges with cook when vessels close together and reducing ties migrate a bit.

The content, discussion and opinions expressed in this video are those of the physician and may not be reflective of the approved indications for use of the device, which may also differ by region. Please consult eifu.terumoaortic.com for product indications, contraindications and warnings/precautions.

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