UK Clinical Feedback with Fenestrated TREO

March 4, 2024
ESVS 2023, timeline, early adoptor, sideso, oxford, england, treo features to fenestrated treo, delivery system in difficult cases, ease of delivery, similar to treo, suit many different anatomies, planning center, reducing ties benefit, align beautifully, maneuverability, torque control, crystal clear visibility, previous EVAR type 1a Endoleak, attempt endoachors, ring stents difficult to see, Altura fenestrated, abandon procdure last effort fen treo, really good overview and excitement for fen treo

The content, discussion and opinions expressed in this video are those of the physician and may not be reflective of the approved indications for use of the device, which may also differ by region. Please consult for product indications, contraindications and warnings/precautions.

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