The Clinical Benefits of Physician Modified TREO Platform: IDE Results so far

March 4, 2024
Results of PMEG with TREO presented at CX 2023. PMEG represents a compelling option – especially given the limitations of current custom and OTS solutions (long lead times, limited anatomic applicability, limited US availability).
Limitations of PMEG using TX2, Alpha, Zenith Fenestrated based on the design and structure of those products
The versatile design of TREO make it conducive for creating a custom fenestrated device on the OR backtable: long main body, wide amplitude between stents, increased distance between stents and low profile delivery system. Discusses steps used to create fenestrated graft via physician modification. Reviews successful case of PMEG with TREO including a 5 vessel FEVAR via TREO PMEG. Clinical results of n=64 patients treated with TREO PMEG. Comparable results between TREO PMEG and OTS devices. Provides early preview of TREO Fit which will make PMEG a more automated and available option.

The content, discussion and opinions expressed in this video are those of the physician and may not be reflective of the approved indications for use of the device, which may also differ by region. Please consult for product indications, contraindications and warnings/precautions.

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