Integrated Heart Failure Patient Management — EP and HF Perspective

September 22, 2021
With current trends towards telehealth, the need for heart failure remote patient monitoring is growing. There are many strategies currently in use and data to support them continues to grow. HeartLogic™, an EP device-based heart failure diagnostic available in the Boston Scientific RESONATE™ family of CRT-Ds and ICDs, provides a unique opportunity for heart failure clinicians and electrophysiologists to collaborate in the clinical management of patients.

This session will review the current landscape in heart failure remote patient monitoring and how HeartLogic drives integrated clinical management. This will be followed by discussion of the clinical continuum, including foundational MultiSENSE data and recent MANAGE-HF Phase I data which highlights how HeartLogic can be safely integrated into clinical practice. The Duke team will share their experience collaborating to implement HeartLogic in their clinical practice and demonstrate through case studies the value for integrated care.
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